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Addiction Dog Food Review (2023)


Addiction Dog Food Review

Developed by a veterinary surgeon and clinical nutritionist, Addiction Dog Food is New Zealand’s perfect creation for dogs. The grain-free nutrient dense food was created after careful observation of diseases in dogs; many linked to poor nutrition and allergies. 

Incorporating a wide variety of fresh and wholesome ingredients, with no artificial additives, has made Addiction Dog Food one of the preferred choices of pet owners. If your dog has been in poor health, low on energy or prone to allergies, then you might want to try the hypoallergenic Addiction Dog Food. The nutritional benefits of this dog food have been proven to be beneficial for dog health.

Addiction Company Overview

Addiction Dog Food operates out of New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty, because of the lush green forests and clean water. The founders of the brand chose this spot to ensure that every pack of dog kibble is prepared in a place that is disease-free and follows stringent agricultural processes. Because the brand emphasizes these measures, Addiction Dog Food has had one of the highest standards of quality. Customers have rated Addiction Dog Food 4.5 stars.

From personal experience with sick animals, the founder observed that a lot of the diseases and allergies that dogs suffered from, could be cured with better nutrition. The theory was tested by developing the grain-free, protein-rich food and feeding it to the patients. The remarkable positive results spurred on the manufacture of Addiction Dog Food. The name Addiction came from the dogs loving the food so much that it was almost an “addiction.”

In 2016, Addiction Dog Food voluntarily recalled two of its products, namely Addiction New Zealand Brushtail and Vegetables Canned Dog Food Entrée and Addiction New Zealand Venison and Apples Canned Dog Food Entrée. The reason stated was that these products failed the quality checks of the brand because of higher levels of vitamin A and variance in calcium and phosphorus proportions. Addiction Dog Food stated that the quality and safety of its products was its highest priority.

Ingredients Found in Addiction Dog Food

Addiction Dog Food uses only free-range animal protein sources. The main ingredients in Addiction dry dog food include:

  • Lamb
  • Salmon
  • Wild Kangaroo
  • Venison
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Brushtail Possum
  • Fruits like apple and apricot
  • Vegetables like potato and zucchini

All meats are from sustainable sources like the wild or from suppliers that follow environmentally responsible practices. Addiction Dog Food uses no additives, fillers, coloring or preservatives. When it comes to giving your dog a nutritious meal, you can’t do better than Addiction Dog Food.

The wild game meats like kangaroo, brushtail possum, and salmon used in some of the foods are hypoallergenic and excellent for dogs allergic to other meats like poultry. The low-temperature processing and preparing of the dog foods help to retain the nutrition content making every serving a wholesome meal for your dog.

Addiction Dog Food Product Line

Currently Addiction has a variety of dry, wet and raw dehydrated dog foods. We have broken down the various brands currently available.

10 Varieties of Addiction Dry Dog Food

8 Varieties of Addiction Raw Dehydrated Food

1 Addiction Wet Dog Food