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Annamaet Dog Food Review (2023)


Annamaet Dog Food Review

Annamaet Dog Food is of the highest quality with the best ingredients sourced from within the country. The makers of Annamaet Dog Food have used a holistic approach to prepare their foods, making sure that the formulae are a balanced mix of meat, vegetables, and other essential nutrients. Annamaet Dog Food is available in different flavors, and in both grain and grain-free varieties.

Dogs of all ages and any breed can enjoy the many health benefits that come from eating Annamaet Dog Food. Annamaet prides itself on the care and detail that is put into creating a high-quality product. The brand claims that they feed their own pets the same food and that’s why there will never be a compromise on quality.

Annamaet Company Overview

Annamaet is a company that has been in operation for over 30 years. Founder Rob Downey named the company after his mother Anna Mae and sold the first bag of dog food on her birthday. Downey and his wife Mary Jo operate the family-run business out of Sellersville, PA. 

Downey is a pet nutritionist who has also spent many years caring for his own pets. His combined knowledge and experience have given him the appropriate tools to create the perfect range of dog foods. Being a family owned and operated company, Annamaet Dog Food goes through a careful process of preparation and quality checks.

Annamaet Dog Food conducts its own research on pet nutrition and is constantly improving its products based on results. Keeping all the processes in-house has helped the company maintain its high standards. There have been no recalls of Annamaet Dog Food in all its years of being on the market.

The holistic nutrition approach that Annamaet follows is based on the science behind dog nutrition. The different varieties of Annamaet Dog Food serve to cater to dogs of different ages, sizes, and food preferences. The company makes sure to get all their ingredients from reliable sources within the US. 

Ingredients Found in Annamaet Dog Food

The ingredients used in Annamaet Dog Food are fresh and wholesome. No corn, soy or wheat is used in any of the Annamaet products. The main ingredients in the dog foods are:

  • Antibiotic-free chicken meal
  • Wild line-caught Alaskan cod
  • Wild caught silver carp
  • Brown rice
  • Chicken fat
  • Sorghum
  • Rolled oats
  • Dried beet pulp
  • Dried brewer’s yeast
  • Menhaden fish meal
  • Menhaden oil
  • Flaxseeds
  • Vegetables like celery, spinach, carrots and lots more
  • Fortified with DHA

Annamaet Dog Food does not use any artificial flavors, colors or fillers. Mixed tocopherols are used as a natural preservative for the dry dog food. The protein content is around 25%. Annamaet has always taken great care to make sure that their products support the best health in your dog.

Annamaet Dog Food Product Line

Annamaet currently sells dry dog food only. The Annamaet product line is available for purchase at specialty pet stores or online. Annamaet has a variety of dog foods for active dogs, small breed dogs, grain sensitive dogs and puppies as well.

13 Varieties of Annamaet Dry Dog Food