Now Fresh Dog Food Review For 2022

Now Fresh Dog Food Review

While many brands depend on their personal experiences to craft delicious and healthy treats for their pets, the team at Petcurean takes a more scientific and nuanced approach to making meals for dogs. 

Backed by a PhD in pet food science, the chef at Petcurean can whip up delectable and super-healthy treats, customized for pets with different conditions. Their newest brand of dog food – NOW Fresh – is made using the freshest ingredients, perfect for your dog. 

Now Fresh Company Overview

Petcurean Pet Nutrition a Canadian company headquartered in Chilliwack, Canada proudly sells Now Fresh Dog Food. The company is a family-owned enterprise which specializes in making canned, dry, freeze-dried and wet pet food for cats and dogs of all ages. The company’s initial operations was started by its two founders in Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada with the intention of improving the quality of pet nutrition around the world. 

The company has a kibble production facility in a lush farmland in Ontario, where they grow some of the choicest organic fruits and vegetables necessary for pets. They also work with top-class Canadian suppliers, procuring premium-quality food grains, vitamins, meat and produce, which they use to make their unique line of products.   

Petcurean has a very robust distribution network selling its range of dog & cat food across Canada and the United States. 

Ingredients Found in Now Fresh Dog Food

  • Coconut (Acts as a soothing balm for the skin, reduces dryness and is excellent for reducing muscle inflammation)
  • Canola oil (provides a small amount of fat, which is useful for underweight dogs)
  • White meat (has a very low calorific value and provides high amount of protein plus Omega 6 fatty acids which are very good for the dog’s skin)
  • Alfalfa sprouts (is a huge source of potassium, betacarotene, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, B12, C, D, E & K)
  • Carrots (excellent for dog’s teeth and a low calorie snack)
  • Kelp (contains 60 types of nutrients and 21 types of amino acids which help treat thyroid problems in dogs and help in weight reduction for overweight pets)
  • Blueberries & cranberries (good source of vitamin C)
  • Pea flour (very high in fiber and good for digestion)
  • Rosemary (contains antioxidants which can help treat cardiovascular diseases and cancer in dogs)
  • Green tea extract (contains antioxidants which reduce cholesterol and blood pressure)
  • Vitamin supplements (A, B12, C, D, E)
  • Chelated minerals

Compared to Petcurean’s other brands – Go! and  Gather – the NOW Fresh range of dog food is of a higher quality. The company does not use any rendered or chemically processed ingredient to manufacture the dog food and it does not add any artificial flavoring or preservatives to the product. Each ingredient used is completely fresh and the product looks, smells and tastes fresher too.  The dog food is available in canned, dried, wet and freeze-dried varieties, for dogs of all breeds, ages and life stages. 

Now Fresh Dog Food Product Line

Now Fresh has a variety of dry dog food brands available for adult small and large breeds as well as puppies and seniors. Now Fresh also sells a limited selection of wet dog food. All of Now Fresh products are grain-free and of the highest quality ingredients.

13 Varieties of Now Fresh Dry Dog Food

2 Varieties of Now Fresh Wet Dog Food