Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Review For 2022

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Review

As a proud pet parent, you always want the very best for your beloved dog friend. However, did you know that different dogs have different dietary needs that are largely dependent on a number of various factors including age, level of activity, size, breed, any medical conditions and so on. Whole Earth Farms is a renowned and trusted name in the dog food industry that you can count on for ensuring healthy and well-balanced nutrition of your pet.

Whole Earth Farms Company Overview

Brought to you by the famous Texas-based company Merrick Pet Care, Whole Earth Farms is committed to producing premium dog food that is naturally nutritious and is available at a great value. The company manufactures an entire line of dry dog food as well as wet dog food (canned), including wholesome grain-free options as well.

All of the Whole Earth Farms products are manufactured exclusively in the United States, and according to the claims of the company, none of the ingredients have been sourced from China. Whole Earth Farms does not use any harmful ingredients that might pose a medical problem for your dog including corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, by-products, artificial preservatives and so on.

The company also claims to offer the most value for money natural dog food that costs less per serving as compared to the other prominent brands in the market. The parent company of Whole Earth Farms, Merrick has been producing premium dog food since 2003. Their entire line of dog food products, canned food products, kibbles and treats are manufactured in their newly established state-of-the-art facility plant in Amarillo, Texas.

Ingredients Found in Whole Earth Farms

Going by its principal tenet, ‘Goodness from the Earth,’ Whole Earth Farms focusses on producing superior quality dog food and treats that have been formulated by carefully-sourced, all-natural ingredients. Since each of the unique dog food recipes of Whole Earth Farms offers a wealth of high-quality nutrients, millions of proud pet parents swear by the brand. Here is a rundown of the chief ingredients incorporated in one of the most popular grain-free recipes of the brand, Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe with Beef and Lamb:

  • Pork Meal (Rich source of animal protein)
  • Dried Potatoes (Rich source of carbohydrates)
  • Peas (Rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin, and minerals)
  • Pork Fat (Source of energy)
  • Sweet Potatoes (Proteins and Carbohydrates)

The Whole Earth Farms Beef and Lamb recipe also consists of salmon oil which provides your dog with his daily supply of Omega -3 fatty acids to ensure a healthy skin and silky coat. The blueberries in this dry dog food formula act as a natural preservative and provide your dog with the must needed supply of antioxidants. As such, if you are looking for superior quality, value for money dog food for your pet friend, then Whole Earth Farms is one of the most popular brands that you must surely consider.

Whole Earth Farms Product Line

Whole Earth Farms sells a variety of high quality dry and wet dog food formulas.

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