Wysong Dog Food Review For 2022

Wysong Dog Food Review

Nutrition plays an integral role in ensuring that your dog or puppy stays active, maintains a thick, lustrous coat, and is better equipped to manage common seasonal infections and even serious medical conditions. As such, it is imperative to give your dog the gift of a healthy and happy life by feeding him healthy and nutritious dog food. If you are looking for a superior quality dog food brand, you might want to consider Wysong.

Wysong Company Overview

Wysong is one of the most popular premium dog food brands on the market that manufactures a wide selection of supplements and feeds for dogs. Their line of pet products includes dry dog food as well as canned/wet dog food and supplements. The brand markets its products as being holistic and healthy and designed to mimic the authentic carnivorous diet of dogs.

Established by Dr. Wysong back in 1979, the Wysong Corporation is a pioneer in the world of natural and healthy pet food production. Wysong is a family owned brand where each of their unique products is formulated by their in-house doctorate professionals in pet health. The company is headquartered in Midland, Michigan and manufactures all of its products in its own manufacturing facilities. Wysong sources all of its ingredients from the United States itself.

Apart from manufacturing high-quality dog food products, Wysong is also committed to providing pet parents with relevant information for making healthy nutritional choices for their pets. As such, their official website offers detailed information on the ingredients used in their products and other queries regarding pet health.

Ingredients Found in Wysong Dog Food

Known for its superior quality ingredients, Wysong is one of the choicest dog food brands among pet parents that truly care for their beloved pet pals.  Highly nutritious and palatable, all of the Wysong dog food products make for the perfect solution to maintain your canine’s health. Here is an overview of the basic ingredients that the company uses in one of its most popular dry dog food products namely Wysong Fundamentals:

  • Chicken Meal (Rich Source of meat protein)
  • Brown Rice (85% Carbohydrates, 7% fat and 8% proteins)
  • Organic Chicken (Protein)
  • Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols) (Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids)
  • Natural Chicken Flavor

Wysong Fundamentals Dog food contains proteinated or chelated minerals that make it easier for dogs to digest them. Additionally, this dog food recipe also consists of an amino acid, taurine to prevent the risk of taurine deficiency, and heart, kidney and blood problems in dogs. According to its ingredient profile, Wysong Fundamentals seems to be a great dietary option for dogs that need a high protein diet to stay active every day and maintain their bone and muscle strength as well. Wysong is a trustworthy name in the world of dog food and definitely worth a try!

Wysong Product Line

Wysong has a limited variety of dry and wet dog food formulas. All brands are currently available online.

16 Varieties of Wysong Dry Dog Food

8 Varieties of Wysong Wet Dog Food