Farmina Dog Food Review (2023)

Farmina Dog Food Review

Farmina Pet Foods is a premium 5 star USA dog food supplier. Owners have noted their dogs have been responding well to the companies all-natural dog food ingredients. Real high-protein meat is found at the top of the ingredient list in Farmina dog food brands. The company focuses on eliminating GMO and grains as well.

Farmina Company Overview

With a long-standing family legacy that has its roots in Italy (the mecca for all things food), you can be sure your dog will really enjoy their range of products. Mr. Francesco Russo founded an animal nutrition company, Russo Mangimi, back in 1965. Decades later, his son Dr. Angelo Russo, in 1999, steered the company in a new direction. Pet food that was based on science and focused on wellness. A partnership with English company Farmina, a specialist in the research and formulation of dog food and cat food, followed. And the rest is history!

Each Farmina brand comes loaded with natural antioxidants and is GMO-free. Farmina dog food contains no steroids or growth hormones. In a commitment to blending science and flavor to create a range that’s ethically produced, Farmina Pet Foods has had a long-standing collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II to ensure each product is backed by hours of research. The result? Their well-loved Farmina Vet Life “natural diets” as well as the Natural & Delicious range.

Ingredients Found in Farmina Dog Food

Traditionally, a dog’s ancestral diet has contained mostly meat, supplemented by some carbs. The Natural & Delicious dog food revives this natural way of eating with their 70% animal protein and grain-free formula.

Farmina products are tailor-made for different life stages of a dog. There is a puppy range in each category, so you can be sure a young pup gets all the nutrition he/she needs to grow strong. Adult dogs nutritional needs are different, so are pregnant or breastfeeding bitches’ needs. Farmina understands this, which is why their scientifically formulated products ensure the mix of ingredients varies depending on whether it is for an active dog, a pregnant one, a pup or an adult. Across products though, you’ll find a mix of these ingredients:

  • Dehydrated lamb meat, chicken, fish, and eggs – These prime sources of protein are a rich source of essential amino acids.
  • Healthy fats from fish oil, vegetable oils, and chicken fat – These provide your pet with the required essential fatty acids.
  • Rice and corn – First class grains that are a carbohydrate source to give your dog the energy he/she needs.
  • Beet pulp, pea fiber, psyllium seeds, and cellulose powder – A balanced diet requires some fiber and researchers have found that these vegetarian sources can be a great addition to a dog’s diet, improving their gut health and immune system overall.
  • Yeast and extracts – These help with keeping the balance of good bacteria in your pet’s body and supply it with B vitamins, amino acids, and more.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and natural plant extracts – These ensure the right nutrient mix for each dog’s needs.
  • Ingredients are carefully processed to ensure the retention of the maximum nutritional content.

Farmina rates highly among dog food buyers for its natural, healthy, and balanced meals in delicious flavors. It is also much-loved by those who’re keen on using healthier Ancient grains and are focused on wellness and not just another dog food.

Farmina Dog Food Product Line

Farmina has something for every pet, including gluten-free and low GI dry dog food. Farmina dog food comes in variants for mini, medium, and large breeds. Natural and Delicious dog food that is a high-protein, low carb food for canines. The innovative Pumpkin Grain-Free formula uses this nutrient-rich low GI vegetable while the Low Ancestral Grain is a gluten-free option. A special range of products for dogs with allergies and digestive problems as well.

10 Varieties of Farmina Dry Dog Food