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FirstMate Dog Food Review (2023)


FirstMate Dog Food Review

When it comes to dog food, Canadian dog food company, FirstMate, knows what they’re doing! FirstMate’s quality dog food is available in a range of delicious flavors that has dogs lining up for more. FirstMate delivers high-quality meat, poultry, and quality vegetables and fruits loaded with antioxidants and nutrients your pets need. Dozens of products in various clever combinations mean you can vary up that mealtime menu for your dog or try different kinds until you settle on ones they love the most. Think delicious wild salmon, free-range lamb, cage-free turkey and more. Gourmet meals for your four-legged friends.

FirstMate Company Overview

FirstMate was set up in 1989 by former commercial fisherman, aquaculture specialist, and feed company founder Michael Florian, and is a family-owned operation with all products manufactured on-site at their in-house manufacturing location. They have a human grade cannery and dry food production facility. This means they’re able to keep a close check on quality and ensure their dog food delivers on its promise. 

The company has innovated with insect protein-based dog food besides offering grain-free and gluten-free products. Their products are rich in animal protein and contain no added antibiotics or hormones, making them a wholesome meal for your dogs. FirstMate also ensures that the whole fish and good parts of the meat and poultry are used and not just the “off cuts.” It’s no wonder then that they have such a loyal following of pet parents and delighted dogs.

Ingredients Found in FirstMate Dog Food 

With the combination of smart and high-quality ingredients that FirstMate has in their recipes for canned dog food as well as the dry meal, you’re assured of a hearty yet balanced meal for your pet. What’s even better is that they steer clear of using things like wheat, soy, corn, gluten, peas, and even potato ingredients commonly used to pad out other dog foods, but of limited value to your dog.

Here’s what to expect in FirstMate dog food brands:

  • Cage-free chicken and turkey: To provide your pooch with animal proteins of the highest quality. And the poultry used is all sourced from cage-free birds, in keeping with their commitment to being cruelty-free dog food.
  • Wild Pacific salmon and wild tuna: A healthy source of essential fatty acids and protein for your dog.
  • Free-range lamb: The Australian grass-fed, antibiotic, and hormone-free lamb meat that goes into the canned food as well as dry meal give a hearty dose of protein in an environmentally sound way.
  • Herring, anchovies, sardines – A part of the dry food offering from FirstMate, this combination goes into the high-performance formula designed to give your dog omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, and healthy protein.
  • Insect protein – This form of protein from soldier fly larvae is an eco-friendly and unusual way to get their nutrition in a healthy form.
  • Rice and oats – Rice is an easily digested gluten-free alternative to other carbs and something your pet will enjoy paired with the animal proteins available. Oats give your pet with the much-needed fiber to help their gut and immune health.
  • Coconut, kale, blueberries: Fruit and vegetables are also used to boost the antioxidant and nutrient intake.

Some variants of the canned food come in combination flavors, combining turkey and chicken or tuna and wild salmon, to offer the best of both kinds of protein. Consistently rated 4.6 and above on consumer reviews, FirstMate dog food is worth stocking up on. Whether you’re picking dry food or canned dog food, your pet will soon be wolfing down their FirstMate meals with relish. So why delay getting them that first taste of something truly delicious?

FirstMate Dog Food Product Line

The FirstMate dog food range includes both dry and canned food made from quality ingredients. Grain-free and gluten-free variants to cater to sensitive dogs. High-performance formula for active dogs. Suitable across life stages, their products aim to please a dog’s palate without being too heavy on your pocket.

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