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Gravy Train Dog Food Review (2023)


Gravy Train Dog Food Review

Gravy Train has been elected as one of the worst rated dog food brands for using controversial meat sources, corn, by-products, artificial flavors and preservatives. 1-2 star ratings are found on numerous message boards and online retailer reviews. Just recently, Gravy Train announced a voluntary recall on all of its Gravy Train wet dog foods after traces amount of pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug, was found in its dog food.

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What Gravy Train® products are impacted by recent recall?

Item Name UPC Item Code(s)
Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with T-Bone Flavor Chunks 7910052541
Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Beef Strips 7910052542
Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Lamb and Rice Chunks 7910052543
Gravy Train 22 oz. with Chicken Chunks 7910051645
Gravy Train 22 oz. with Beef Chunks 7910051647
Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Beef Chunks 7910034417
Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Chicken Chunks 7910034418
Gravy Train 13.2 oz. Chunks in Gravy Stew 7910051933
Gravy Train 13.2 oz. Chicken, Beef & Liver Medley 7910051934
Gravy Train 13.2 oz. Chunks in Gravy with Beef Chunks 7910034417

Gravy Train Company Overview

Gravy Train started its journey in 1959 by General Foods. During it’s heyday Gravy Train was the only dog food that was manufactured into gravy when mixed with water. The gravy was intended to make the kibble more palatable for dogs. The company continued to market the catchphrase “The Gravy Taste Dogs Can’t Wait to Finish.” until it was bought out by JM Smuckers in 2015.

Ingredients Found in Gravy Train Dog Food

While the popular dog food company markets on its promise of providing tasty, gravy-rich meals to pets, the meals themselves don’t score so well when it comes to the ingredients used and their contribution to your pet’s overall health. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients used in Gravy Train Beefy Classic, popular in the Gravy Train dry dog food series.

  • Corn (a cereal grain that provides only moderate nutrition to pets and high in energy content due to naturally present sugars and high amount of carbohydrates)
  • Soybean meal (constitutes about 48% protein but contains less biological value proteins as compared to meat)
  • Meat and bone meal (known to have lower digestibility due to lower amino acid content and high ash content)
  • Wheat middlings (an inexpensive by-product from grain processing)
  • Animal fat (manufactured from high-temperature treatment of animal meat, not considered a quality ingredient)
  • Animal digest (animal by-products that have been chemically hydrolyzed, sprayed on top of pet food to make it tastier)
  • Salt (an essential mineral for all animals and humans)

An overview of the chief ingredients used in Gravy Train’s dry dog food offerings shows that even though the company is known for manufacturing tasty kibble for our pets, it might not be the best option from the health perspective. Given the low-nutritional elements used in Gravy Train’s kibble, it might not be the best option for your pet. However, it is okay to give them a serving or two from time-to-time to satisfy their taste buds with some tasty gravy.

Gravy Train Dog Food Product Line

The Gravy Train product line includes both dry and wet dog foods. Gravy Train options include Beefy Classic, Hearty Classic Chicken Flavor, Meaty Classic Beef Liver & Bacon Flavor, Hearty Pot Roast Flavor, Small Bites Beefy Classic. Note: As of October 2018 Gravy Train has removed its wet dog food product line from its company website.

4 Varieties of Gravy Train Dry Dog Food