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K9 Natural Dog Food Review (2023)


K9 Natural Dog Food Review

Dogs need a specially balanced meal that’s designed for their body type and nutritional needs. K9 Natural Dog Food is a brand that’s won four-legged fans the world over. This all-natural wholesome dog food brand from New Zealand is the stuff a dog’s dreams are made of! And you’ll feel so much better knowing you’re feeding your pet something that’s good for them and plies them with the nutrition they need. The result? Happy, active, healthy dogs and a happier you!

K9 Natural Company Overview

K9 Natural Dog Food may have its origins in New Zealand but the delicious flavors and natural ingredients have made it a dog food of choice for pooches across the globe. This product range that includes protein-rich dog food that is grain-free and gluten-free, is a great everyday choice of meal for a pet. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, this is a brand that takes its all-natural approach very seriously.

All the ingredients that go into the making K9 Natural comes from sustainable sources. The meat is grass-fed, the chicken is free-range. In fact, they’re also human grade quality – no off-cuts or fillers for your pooch! K9 Natural Dog Food draws on nature’s bounty but takes it a few notches higher by taking a science-led approach to ensure your four-legged friend gets the very best of both.

Ingredients Found in K9 Natural Dog Food

When it comes to dog food, the quality of what goes into each product is as important as how it is made and the flavors on offer. K9 Natural Dog Food doesn’t skimp on the ingredients it uses. Take a look at what you’ll find in their typical products:

  • Quality animal proteins like cage-free chicken, and grass-fed beef and lamb. Eggs give an added nutrient boost.
  • Vegetables and fruit: Your pet can make the most of quality produce like pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, apples, pears and more, chosen for their abundance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that boost immune and digestive health and overall wellness.
  • New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels – Dubbed nature’s superfood for canines, this ingredient is an anti-inflammatory food that can help immune health, strengthen their teeth and bones, support circulatory and nervous system function.

K9 Natural Dog Food meets AAFCO standards and is manufactured to stringent standards using only the finest ingredients. With near-perfect ratings from consumers – often getting 4.7 or more on 5 point ratings, this is a dog food brand that’s likely to become a pet-favorite after one try!

K9 Natural Dog Food Product Line

K9 Natural makes frozen, canned, and freeze-dried dog food for your pet.

  • Canned – Canned dog food with a difference. No gelling agents in this recipe – just pure New Zealand water with quality meats.
  • Freeze-dried – Convenient freeze-dried dog food that can be eaten on its own or sprinkled into other dog food to boost its nutritional content. Available in lamb, beef, and chicken variants this is a value-for-money way to ensure your pet gets a high meat diet at each meal. This line has single-source proteins which make up 90% of the serving.

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