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Merrick Dog Food Review (2023)


Merrick Dog Food Review

Highly active dogs may be prone to injuries, joint issues or may just need an additional dose of bone health nutrients. Puppies as well could be prone to joint conditions if their mother had a history of poor bone health. Whether you want to give your pet the best of joint health nutrients or looking for top quality food products to support growth and overall health, Merrick dog foods have it all.

Merrick Company Overview

Merrick was founded by Garth Merrick in 1988 in Texas at his family ranch. The business has grown considerably over the years currently employing 350 people while having an impressive repertoire of 200 recipes. 

There were two recalls in 2010 and in 2011 each for potential Salmonella contamination. However, there were no reports of illnesses in any of these cases. Overall, Merrick Pet Care, Inc. has a commitment to excellence in quality and adheres to stringent FDA food manufacturing standards.

While each recipe is handcrafted and produced in small batches, they are carefully tested and closely monitored for quality, safety and nutrient balance. Merrick partners with HACCP, NSF International, and Safe Quality Food (SQF) to ensure top notch quality.

Merrick’s manufacturing plants and test kitchen are located in Texas. The company has brought out ancestral diet-based recipes that focus on high-quality protein as well as specialized grain-free foods for small and toy breed dogs. Many of Merrick’s foods are focused on providing joint support.

Ingredients Found in Merrick Dog Food 

Merrick’s Grain Free Real Duck and Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food features these ingredients:

  • deboned duck (great source of all essential amino acids)
  • turkey meal (concentrated source of protein)
  • salmon meal (rich source of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids)
  • potatoes and sweet potatoes(good source of resistant starch)
  • peas (good in natural fiber and protein)
  • apples, blueberries (rich in antioxidants) 
  • salmon oil (rich in omega-3 fats)

This product also contains other beneficial ingredients as well in the form of organic alfalfa, which is rich in proteins and fiber along with deboned chicken, giving it an above-average protein content.

If your dog has joint problems or is prone to joint conditions, there are a range of dog food products to choose from. Of these, Merrick Grain-Free Real Buffalo + Sweet Potato Recipe contains these ingredients:

  • Deboned buffalo (rich in all amino acids)
  • Chicken meal (concentrated source of protein)
  • Salmon meal (concentrated source of protein and omega-3 fats)
  • Turkey meal(rich source of protein)
  • High quality fats such as flaxseed and salmon oils(rich in omega-3 fats)
  • High amount of Vitamin D3, glucosamine and chondroitin (essential for bone and joint health)

Merrick dog foods have earned maximum five star ratings from thousands of customers as highlighted in Consumer Affairs. Expert ratings of A+ and extensive range of high-quality products are compelling reasons for you to stock up on Merrick’s range of dog food products!

Merrick Dog Food Product Line

Merrick has an extensive product line of wet and dry dog food formulas. All brands can be found online or in premium pet supply stores nationwide.

39 Varieties of Merrick Dry Dog Food

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