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Natural Balance Dog Food Review (2023)


Natural Balance Food Review

High-quality dog food that is drool worthy is every dog owner’s dream. Many times, dogs put on unwanted weight which can predispose them to lifestyle illnesses like diabetes or heart problems. Managing their weight with the right food that has the right calorie balance becomes a priority. Whether you are looking for a balanced low calorie dog food or delicious healthy dog rolls and treats, Natural Balance dog food is the ideal choice. 

Natural Balance Company Overview

Natural Balance Pet Foods® was founded by Dick Van Patten in 1989. Headquartered in Burbank, California, the primary goal was to provide pet foods created on the foundations of nutritional truths and scientific principles. The dog foods feature all-natural, high-quality local ingredients while being devoid of artificial flavors, chemicals, refined grains and by-products.

In 2010 and 2012 the company voluntarily recalled some of their dry dog food product line for a possible contamination with Salmonella as a precautionary measure. No illnesses in dogs were ever reported and none of the company’s recalled products tested positive.

Natural Balance has a strong commitment to ensuring safety and quality of its food products. Every batch of dog treat or food goes through nine stringent quality tests. All of the tests are carried out in an advanced testing laboratory that is ISO 17025 Accredited. Apart from Salmonella, tests to detect the presence of many other organisms including E.Coli, Aflatoxin and toxic chemicals like melamine are also conducted.

A customer service team comprised of veterinary technicians and nutrition experts add to the impressive profile of Natural Balance.

Ingredients Found in Natural Balance

Natural Balance has a range of specialized dog food products to meet a range of health and growth conditions. For overweight or obese dogs, the Fat Dogs® Low Calorie Dry Dog Formula is an ideal option.

Here’s a look at some of its key ingredients:

  • Chicken Meal (contains all essential ten amino acids)
  • Salmon Meal (concentrated source of protein and omega-3 fats)
  • Garbanzo Beans, Peas (source of proteins and vitamins)
  • Barley, Oat Groats (rich in beta-glucan a type of soluble fiber)
  • Carrots, parsley, dried spinach(source of antioxidants and fiber)
  • Pea Fiber (natural fiber)

There are many wet food options that are delicious and healthy! Delectable Delights® Pawpaya Pilaf® Dog Stew Formula is one of these featuring the following ingredients:

  • Tuna Broth (adds delicious flavor)
  • Whitefish (good source of protein)
  • Chicken, Tuna (great sources of protein)
  • Papaya (rich in beta-carotene)
  • Carrots (rich in beta-carotene)
  • Brown Rice (gluten free source of energy)
  • Turkey (high in protein and minerals)
  • Potato Starch (gluten free source of resistant starch)

Natural Balance figures in the 2018 list of top brands for dog foods on Consumer Affairs. Stringent quality check processes combined with high-quality nutrition make Natural Balance a preferred source of dog food.

Natural Balance Dog Food Product Line

Natural Balance has a healthy variety of exclusive dry dog food formulas. All of these brands can be found online and in premium dog food supplier stores nationwide.

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