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Nature’s Variety Instinct Dog Food Review (2024)


Instinct Dog Food Review

If you’re on the lookout for a trustworthy brand of dog food for your furry friend, your search could end here. Instinct dog food is created from a mix of real all-natural ingredients that can help with the overall wellness of man’s best friend. This is a brand that’s known for their “raw” food focus. Your dog will absolutely love the delicious taste of this dog food and you’ll appreciate its effect on your pet’s digestive health, immune system, skin, and coat. Here’s why this is an all-around winner!

Nature’s Variety Company Overview

Starting out as a raw pet food brand, Nature’s Variety Instinct went on to make a range of pet food products that dogs love. Even today, the mission to promote raw pet food and real ingredients remains at the heart of their philosophy. Even their kibble is infused with Instinct’s freeze-dried raw meat that is carefully prepared to lock in all the nutrients.

Small-batch production at their production facility in Lincoln, Nebraska allows Nature’s Variety to keep a close watch on the quality of both their ingredients as well as the finished product. A Nutrition Council comprising pet parents as well as pet nutritionists, R&D experts, and vets are closely involved with the brand and their product development.

Nature’s Variety believes in letting nature take the lead. Their products are free of by-products and fillers of any kind and avoid the use of artificial preservatives. Even the freeze-drying method used (High Pressure Processing) simply subjects the food to extreme cold pressure with just pure water. No chemicals, no preservatives, no heat. So your pet will get all-natural real food in every bite.

Ingredients Found in Instinct Dog Food

Instinct dog food is rich in real meat supplemented by some healthy ingredients that can boost your pooch’s health. These products use pure and raw or minimally processed foods for maximum nutrient retention.

  • Real meat because dogs thrive on animal proteins that give them all the essential amino acids their body needs.
  • Whole fruit and vegetables that are non-GMO and loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants that help your pet’s overall health.
  • Anti-inflammatory immune-boosting ingredients like apple cider vinegar and turmeric to help your pet’s wellness.
  • Coconut oil and healthy fats rich in omega fatty acids for a glossy coat and healthy skin.

All in all, this is a smart choice for pet owners looking for a healthy dog food that goes back to an all-natural way of eating. Its richness in animal protein balanced by healthy wellness ingredients like turmeric and apple cider vinegar give you the best of both worlds! This is a dog food that consistently gets rave reviews and ratings of 4.6 or more on review sites. You’ll want to go with your “Instinct” on this one!

Nature’s Variety Instinct Dog Food Product Line

Instinct dog food has 4 types of dog food on offer available as dry or frozen food:

  • Raw coated – High protein dog food that uses real crushed freeze-dried raw meat on each piece of kibble.
  • Raw mixers – Bits of freeze-dried raw meat that can add a nutrient and protein boost to a normal bowl of kibble/dog food. 
  • Kibble + Raw – This range has freeze-dried raw meat mixed with high-protein kibble for a complete nutritious meal.
  • Frozen raw – Nutritious and minimally processed raw food for your pet, available as medallions, patties, and bites.

These products are grain and gluten free so that they are suitable for dogs with these food sensitivities.

31 Varieties of Instinct Dry Dog Food

22 Varieties of Instinct Wet Dog Food

12 Varieties of Instinct Raw Frozen Dog Food


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