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Orijen Dog Food Review (2024)

Orijen Dog Food Review (2024)

Orijen Dog Food Review 

Orijen Dog Food stands out as a top-tier choice among dog foods, renowned for its exceptional quality and bio-appropriate formulas. These formulas are meticulously crafted based on the native diet of wild dogs, ensuring a nutritionally balanced and species-appropriate meal.

What sets Orijen apart is its emphasis on a higher animal protein content, closely mirroring what dogs would naturally consume if they were hunting their own food. This commitment to a biologically appropriate diet makes Orijen Dog Food a standout option for pet owners seeking optimal nutrition for their canine companions.

Ideal for dogs with food sensitivities and special dietary needs, Orijen Dog Food takes pride in being grain-free. This makes it suitable for a wide range of dogs, providing a wholesome and nutritious option that aligns with their evolutionary nutritional requirements.

The brand offers a comprehensive range of options catering to dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Whether in the form of dry food, freeze-dried food, or freeze-dried treats, Orijen ensures that every product is made with all-natural ingredients sourced from within the United States.

The commitment to quality is evident in Orijen’s sourcing practices, as ingredients are procured from local ranchers, farmers, and fishermen who employ sustainable processes.

The award-winning kitchens where the food is prepared uphold the brand’s dedication to excellence. Every step of the production process, from ingredient sourcing to preparation, takes place in-house, adhering to the highest standards of quality checks. This meticulous approach underscores Orijen’s commitment to providing dogs with not just a meal but a nutritionally superior and biologically appropriate dining experience.

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Orijen’s Most Popular Dog Food Brands Best Current Prices 

ORIJEN Original Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Dog Food for All Life Stages, Fresh or Raw Ingredients, 23.5 lb

Price: $105.99 ($4.51 / lb)

9 used & new available from $105.00 ($4.47 / lb)

ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS Original Dry Dog Food, High Protein Dog Food, Fresh or Raw Ingredients

Price: $105.99 ($4.71 / lb)

6 used & new available from $105.99 ($4.71 / lb)

ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS Six Fish Recipe Dry Dog Food, High Protein Dog Food, Fresh or Raw Ingredients, 22.5lb

Price: $120.99 ($5.38 / lb)

5 used & new available from $118.00 ($5.24 / lb)

Orijen Company Overview 

Orijen Dog Food, a brand proudly held under the Champion Pet Foods umbrella, is closely associated with the company’s commitment to excellence. The parent company is also responsible for crafting Acana Pet Food, reflecting its dedication to providing top-quality nutrition for pets.

With a rich twenty-five-year history, Champion Pet Foods operates on a fundamental principle: to create pet food of the highest quality, meeting the standards they would set for their own pets. One notable aspect of their approach is the use of regionally grown and free-range ingredients, contributing to the overall quality and freshness of Orijen Dog Food.

Operating its own kitchens for dog food production allows Champion Pet Foods to maintain strict control over the quality of both raw materials and finished products. This hands-on approach ensures that each batch meets the company’s stringent quality standards. Orijen Dog Food has garnered trust and loyalty from its customers, establishing itself as a reliable and preferred choice for pet owners. Remarkably, in its twenty-five years of operation, the brand has not faced a single recall, attesting to its commitment to safety and quality assurance.

Despite recent legal scrutiny involving a lawsuit filed against Champion Pet Foods in 2018, Orijen Dog Food remains popular and continues to receive stellar reviews from customers. The lawsuit alleged negligent practices, false advertising, and failure to disclose the presence of heavy metals and toxins in their pet food brands. In response, Champion Pet Foods dismissed the claims as “meritless” and expressed their intent to refute all charges.

In the face of these challenges, Orijen Dog Food maintains a strong presence in the market, with customers consistently awarding it a five-star rating. The brand’s continued success is evident through growing sales, underscoring its resilience and unwavering popularity. While it’s acknowledged that Orijen Dog Food may be relatively more expensive than some other options, many pet owners find the investment worthwhile for the premium quality and nutritional benefits it provides.

Ingredients Found in Orijen Dog Food

Orijen Dog Food, renowned for its “Biologically Appropriate” philosophy, is a premium dog food brand that strives to mirror the natural diet of dogs in the wild. This approach is reflected in the selection of high-quality ingredients designed to provide dogs with a nutrient-dense, protein-rich diet that supports their health and vitality. Here, we delve into the ingredients found in Orijen Dog Food, underscoring the brand’s commitment to quality and nutritional excellence.

High-Quality Animal Proteins

At the heart of Orijen’s formulations are diverse sources of animal proteins. These include free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and ranch-raised meats such as beef, bison, and lamb. Orijen emphasizes the inclusion of whole prey ingredients, meaning that in addition to muscle meat, organs and cartilage are also incorporated into their diets to mimic what dogs would naturally consume in the wild. This approach ensures a rich supply of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are vital for your dog’s health.

Fresh and Raw Ingredients

Orijen prides itself on using fresh and raw ingredients in their dog food. Fresh ingredients are refrigerated without preservatives, and raw ingredients are flash-frozen to lock in vital nutrients. This process ensures that the natural goodness of the ingredients is preserved, providing dogs with the highest nutritional benefits. The inclusion of such high-quality raw and fresh ingredients supports optimal health, contributing to better digestion, a shinier coat, and improved overall vitality.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Botanicals

Beyond animal proteins, Orijen Dog Food incorporates a rich variety of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. These ingredients are selected to provide a comprehensive spectrum of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, promoting a healthy immune system and overall well-being. Among these are pumpkin, apples, pears, kale, spinach, and carrots, as well as botanicals like chicory root and turmeric, known for their health-promoting properties.

Grain-Free and Low-Glycemic Carbohydrates

Orijen’s recipes are grain-free, recognizing that high-glycemic carbohydrates such as corn, wheat, and soy can contribute to obesity and diabetes in dogs. Instead, Orijen uses low-glycemic and highly digestible carbohydrates like lentils, chickpeas, and pumpkin, providing energy without spiking blood sugar levels. This thoughtful selection of carbohydrates supports sustained energy and healthy weight management.

Nutritional Supplements

While the focus is on providing nutrition through whole foods, Orijen Dog Food is also fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to ensure a balanced diet. This includes supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids derived from fish oils to promote a healthy skin and coat.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Orijen’s commitment to quality is evident in its careful selection of suppliers who adhere to sustainable and ethical practices. The brand’s dedication to sourcing regionally and manufacturing its food in-house allows for strict quality control, ensuring that each ingredient meets their high standards.

Orijen Dog Food Product Line 

Orijen’s dry dog food is the cornerstone of its product line, boasting formulas that contain up to 85% animal ingredients, including free-run poultry, wild-caught fish, and ranch-raised meats. These ingredients are supplied fresh or raw in WholePrey ratios of meat, organs, cartilage, and bone, providing a natural source of virtually every nutrient your dog needs. The dry food lineup includes:

  • Orijen Original: A protein-rich formula suitable for dogs of all life stages and breeds, featuring chicken, turkey, and fish as primary ingredients.
  • Orijen Six Fish: Loaded with unmatched inclusions of saltwater and freshwater fish caught in their natural environments, this formula is designed for dogs that thrive on a protein-rich diet.
  • Orijen Regional Red: A diverse blend of red meats that includes beef, wild boar, bison, lamb, and pork, catering to dogs with a taste for richer, more varied protein sources.
  • Orijen Puppy and Puppy Large: Specifically formulated to support the growth and development of puppies, these recipes offer a balanced mix of poultry, fish, and egg ingredients.

Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food

For those looking for an alternative to traditional kibble, Orijen offers freeze-dried dog food options that lock in the natural goodness of fresh and raw ingredients, providing all the benefits of a raw diet in a convenient, dry form. This line is perfect for pet owners seeking to supplement their dog’s diet with high-quality protein boosts or as a palatable topper to enhance mealtime.

Specialized Formulas

Understanding that dogs have diverse dietary needs, Orijen also provides specialized formulas aimed at addressing specific health concerns or dietary preferences, including options for senior dogs, dogs with sensitivities, and those requiring a weight management diet. These formulas maintain the high standards of the Orijen brand, ensuring that even dogs with special nutritional needs receive a diet that’s both beneficial and biologically appropriate.

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