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Purina Mighty Dog Food Review (2023)


Purina Mighty Dog Food Review

The Purina Mighty Dog range of dry dog food and wet dog food uses grains, meat-by products vegetables, fruits, and meat for small breed dogs. Purina is an AAFCO-approved company, and the Purina Mighty Dog formula meet all the safety and quality profiles stated for small breed dogs by the AFFCO.

Purina Mighty Dog Company Overview

Purina Pet Products are one of the most popular brands of animal feed in the world. The brand we know as Purina today is a merger between the 1894-incorporated American animal feed company Ralston Purina and Nestlé’s Friskies. The Nestlé Purina PetCare Company now manufactures pet treats, litters, and supplements for cats and dogs. 

Ingredients Found in Purina Mighty Dog Food 

  • Meat By-Products
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Fish Oil
  • Ground Rice
  • Chicken
  • Dried yeast (extremely good in treating dogs with itchy skin and other fur-related concerns)
  • Barley (stimulates the production of helpful digestive enzymes and aids in digestion)
  • Tocopherols (a chemical compound that slows down the speed of food spoilage, making food palatable and safe for longer)
  • Salt (helps balance the electrolytes in your pooch’s body)
  • Glycerine (acts as a skin smoothing agent and improves the look and texture of the coat; also keeps kibble soft for many days)
  • Niacin (aids in fat synthesis and keeps your dog safer from cardiovascular diseases)
  • Animal digest
  • Prebiotics (boosts the performance of your dog’s immune system and keeps your dog healthy)
  • Chelated minerals

Purina Mighty Dog Food Product Line

Three types of dog food based on age Puppy, Adult, and Senior Dog. Five types of dog food based on the cooking method Finely Ground, Hearty Chopped, Thick-Sliced, Hearty Pulled-Style, Seared With Cheese.

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