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Purina One Dog Food Review (2023)


Purina One Dog Food Review

Pet parents put in a whole lot of research into looking for the best dog food options for their pets. Since, it is not always easy to figure out if pets are responding well to a certain dog food, it’s always better to understand what’s going into it and if it is good for them.

Purina One Company Overview

Nestle’s Purina PetCare is one of the oldest dog food manufacturers in the US. Incorporated over a 100 years ago, Purina has been building its market share ever since, feeding delicious mix of nutritious dog food to canines all over the US. Pet parents have trusted the Purina brand all these years and it has a become loyal contender in most dog pantries. 

Purina One is one of the eight product lines that are manufactured by Nestle. Purina One offers a range of dry dog food and wet dog food options. Its formulas are specifically targeted to meet your dog’s special needs. Available in various flavors for all life stages and formulated with real poultry, meat, and fish, the brand markets its products with a Smartblend Formula label which claims that their pet food is developed in conjunction with pet nutrition experts and manufactured using only high-quality ingredients.

Purina One has been voluntarily recalled only once due to a suspected Salmonella contamination in August 2013. Purina One Beyond White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry dog food, 3.5 lb. is the specific product which was recalled. 

Ingredients Found in Purina One Dog Food

Purina claims to use only the best, high-quality ingredients in its formulas to ensure a balanced diet for pets. They use high quality proteins in the form of meat, fish, and poultry; incorporate healthy doses of Omega fatty acids and energy-rich fats that help absorption of certain vitamins like A, D, E, and K and also provide a healthy amount of minerals and vitamins in their formula to build immunity and also develop a shiny and healthy coat. Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients used in one of their Purina One products, True Instinct Grain-Free Formula with Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Dog food.

  • Chicken (source of glucosamine, rich in animal protein)
  • Chicken meal (source of glucosamine, has higher protein component as compared to fresh chicken)
  • Cassava root flour (gluten free carbohydrate)
  • Canola meal (canola oil by-product) 
  • Pea starch (gluten free carbohydrate, generally used as binder in making dog food)
  • Beef fat (naturally preserved with Vitamin E)
  • Pea protein (rich in low biological protein)
  • Dried egg product (easy to digest with high biological value)
  • Dried yeast (rich in protein and other healthy nutrients and minerals)
  • Dried beet pulp (good for intestinal health and provides blood sugar benefits)
  • Sweet potatoes (gluten-free, naturally rich in beta carotene and dietary fiber)
  • Liver flavor

Overall, the Purina One dog food line lives up to its promises of providing the very best to our loving canines.

Purina One Dog Food Product Line

As mentioned earlier, Purina One offers both dry dog food and wet dog food options in various flavors. Here’s a list of their dog food products.

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