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SportMix Dog Food Review (2023)


SportMix Dog Food Review

Well balanced, nutritious meals are integral to ensure that your beloved pet friend stays healthy, strong, alert and disease-free. However, not all dog food products are designed to cater to the unique needs of all sizes and ages of dogs. SportMix is one of the most popular and well-established dog food brands in the market that have been producing superior quality pet dietary products and supplements for almost a century now.

SportMix Company Overview

A brainchild of Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. which in turn is a subsidiary company of the Nunn Milling Company Inc, SportMix was introduced back in 1926 at their head office in Evansville, Indiana. A family owned company, SportMix is also associated with manufacturing Propac, Propac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic Pet Food. 

The company’s entire line of products is manufactured at their three factories that are all located in the Midwestern United States. SportMix’s dry dog food recipes are especially very popular among pet parents that want nothing but the best for their four-legged pals. SportMix sells its products across 65 different countries in the world and markets its exclusive dog food recipes for balanced nutrition, high digestibility and incredible taste. There have been no records of SportMix dog food products ever been recalled in the past.

All of SportMix’s original formulas have been especially designed to ensure your dog’s optimal health and nutrition for a long and happy life. The premium dog food recipes by SportMix consist of superior quality ingredients that provide your dog with all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that he requires on an everyday basis to stay active and disease-free. In addition to this, all of SportMix’s recipes are very palatable and are sure to appeal to the taste buds of your picky eater pet.

Ingredients Found in SportMix

SportMix ensures to maintain high quality standards of its exclusive dog food formulas by making use of only carefully sourced superior grade ingredients that can provide canines with their daily dose of nutrition. Here is an overview of the major ingredients that the company incorporates in its most popular premium dog food recipe SportMix Wholesomes Dry Dog food:

  • Lamb Meal (meat concentrate that comprises 300% more protein as compared to lamb)
  • Brown Rice (complex carbohydrate that is easy to digest)
  • Rice Flour (gluten-free substitute to wheat flour)
  • Peas (Carbohydrate and natural fibre)
  • Rice Bran (Fibre, starch, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals)
  • Menhaden Fish meal (protein-rich meat concentrate)
  • Chicken fat (rich source of an omega-6 fatty acid- linoleic acid)
  • Dried Beet pulp (Dietary fibre)
  • Flaxseed (omega-3 fatty acids, soluble fibre)

The SportMix Wholesomes dry dog food recipes consists of 49% carbohydrates, 29% fats and 22% protein and is a great dietary solution for your dog’s daily nutrition requirement. When looking for a good quality dog food, you must surely consider trying SportMix.

SportMix Product Line

SportMix product line consists of 3 varieties of dry dog food formulas. SportMix Wholesomes, CanineX and Premium Formula are all available online.

14 Varieties of SportMix Dry Dog Food