Home Brands Vital Essentials Dog Food Review (2024)

Vital Essentials Dog Food Review (2024)

Vital Essentials Dog Food Review (2024)

Vital Essentials Dog Food Review

While most pet food manufacturing brands just follow the beaten path, the folks at Vital Essentials forge their own. This brand of wet and dry dog food products is crafted with care, after taking into consideration the dietary and nutritional needs of dogs of all breeds and ages. 

Vital Essentials Company Overview

Vital Essentials® is a family owned pet food manufacturing company based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was started by a family of dog and cat lovers, committed to the health and wellbeing of cats and dogs of all breeds and ages. 

The Vital Essentials dog food range incorporates only United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved meat, vitamins, plants and chelated minerals. The company prides itself on being a  GFSI – FSSSC-2200 and EU certified pet food facility and they have a dedicated HACCP Food Safety Program for their company and manufacturing units. 

Vita Essentials® follows the AAFCO nutrient profiles when manufacturing their range of dry and wet dog food. The company doesn’t add any artificial flavors, antibiotics, gluten, hormones, fillers, preservatives and synthetic vitamins in their range of dog foods, choosing only to add those ingredients that are vital for your pets. 

The company has distribution centers in 14 different countries and works with over 5000 suppliers in the USA. The Vita Essentials brand sees a minimum of 3 new, innovative products released under its banner each year. 


Ingredients Found in Vital Essentials Dog Food

  • Organs (from beef, turkey, chicken or duck): 
  • Tripe (contains lactobacillus acidophilus, which is a healthy bacteria that helps get rid of any unhealthy bacteria in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract)
  • Liver (filled with phosphorous, zinc, niacin, iron, copper and Vitamin A, which improve your dog’s overall health)
  • Heart (very rich in the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats and nutrients necessary for dogs)
  • Bone (great source of calcium for your dog and also acts as a teeth strengthening tool)
  • Herring oil (contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation in the bones and the joints)
  • d-alpha tocopherol (is an excellent vitamin to treat dermatological conditions in dogs and to improve the appearance of their coats) 
  • Duck (provides the necessary protein for better muscle growth)
  • Essential fats (like omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids which help with bone health, cardiovascular health, vision health, skin health and better immunity)
  • Prebiotics (cleans the gut by stimulating the growth of good stomach and intestinal bacteria, thereby ensuring healthy digestion)
  • Probiotics (provides the antioxidants needed by your dog’s body)
  • Vitamin supplements (Vitamins A, B, C, D & E)
  • Chelated minerals

The Vital Essentials dog food range is a highly-nutritious dry and wet dog food range that contains 49% crude protein, 22% crude fat, 2.2% crude fiber and 7% moisture. The company prides itself on not adding any other ingredients than absolutely and vitally essential. 

Vital Essentials Product Line

Vital Essentials product line focuses on providing the very best grain-free freeze-dried dog food. High protein meat and poultry including beef, chicken, duck and turkey are included in these 5 star formulas.

10 Varieties of Vital Essentials Free-Dried Dog Food



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