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Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds For 2024

For many pet owners, the cost of owning a dog is a major consideration. Some breeds are significantly more expensive than others, with some costing thousands of dollars just for the initial purchase price.

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For those looking to splurge on their four-legged friend, there are plenty of options when it comes to the most expensive dog breeds in the world. From ancient hounds and giant guard dogs to designer pooches and rare lapdogs, these luxurious canine companions can come with an equally luxurious price tag.

Whether you’re looking for a faithful companion or simply want to pamper your pup like royalty, here are some of the most expensive dogs in the world!

Golden Retriever – $16,000

The world’s most expensive Golden Retriever, named “Missy”, was sold for an astounding $16,000 in the year 2019. Missy is a purebred female from England and has been given the status of being one of the highest priced dogs ever sold. The previous record holder was another English Golden Retriever that sold for £10,000 ($13,000) back in 2009.

Missy is not only expensive but also extremely rare due to her impeccable pedigree and desirable traits such as good health, strong conformation and excellent temperament. She has been trained to show level obedience.

This makes Missy even more attractive to potential owners looking for a companion animal or show dog. With her unique qualities and high price tag she truly stands out among other breeds!

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