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Acana Dog Food Review (2023)


Acana Dog Food Review

Acana’s range of Biologically Appropriate dog foods has something on the menu for every type of dog. There’s three main categories of Acana dog food. Each Acana brand contains a variety of carefully formulated foods, using only the best ingredients sourced from the United States. With all fresh ingredients and Kentucky-based state of the art kitchens, Acana dog food is proving itself as a reliable brand for healthy dog food for all types of breeds.

Acana Company Overview

Acana dog food is a brand of Champion Petfoods which has been in operation for over twenty-five years. The company prides itself on its commitment to using only regionally grown and free-range ingredients. Another point to Acana dog food’s credit is their award-winning Dogstar Kitchens in Kentucky, which uses the latest state of the art technology. 

In the last 2½ decades, there has never been a recall of Champion Petfoods products. In March 2018, a lawsuit was filed against Acana dog food’s parent company for “negligent, reckless” practices, false advertising, and “failing to disclose the presence of heavy metals and toxins” in their pet food brands. However, the company has stated that the lawsuit is “meritless” and that they will refute the charges.

Champion Petfoods and Acana dog food have reassured their customers that their food is safe and of the best quality. Regarding the lawsuit, it is very different from an actual recall which would only happen if the case is proved. As of now, the data presented by the plaintiff is insufficient and most likely won’t stand up to scrutiny. Champions Petfoods has had a spotless record for the entire time they were in operation.

Ingredients Found in Acana Dog Food

Acana’s range of dry dog food is prepared using 50-75 meat in proportions that are appropriate to the carnivorous roots of dogs. The remaining ingredients include fresh fruit and vegetables, fiber, and supplements. The different varieties of Acana dog food have been prepared to suit different breeds, age groups, and dietary preferences of dogs.

Some of the ingredients used in Acana dry dog food include:

  • Free-range eggs and poultry.
  • Free-range red meat.
  • Sustainably caught freshwater fish.
  • Regional game.

The Heritage range uses a combination of meats at a 60% proportion while the Regional range also uses a combination of meats but at a 70% proportion. The Singles range uses 60% of only a single animal protein in combination with a fruit or a vegetable. The high meat content makes Acana dog food biologically appropriate. The Singles range has been prepared for dogs with food sensitivities and who can’t consume certain animal proteins. The Singles dog treats are made from 95% single animal protein.    

The top-rated Acana dog food with 4.5 stars is the Acana Regionals Grasslands for Dogs which contains protein from Suffolk lamb, nest-laid eggs, rainbow trout, Muscovy duck, and free-run quail. Consider Acana dog food for its fresh and free range ingredients.

Acana Dog Food Product Line:

Acana has a great variety of dog food brands available online. Currently Acana sells premium dry dog food formulas only. We have separated the 3 different types of brands Acana currently sells.

7 Varieties of Acana Heritage Dog Food

4 Varieties of Acana Regional Dog Food

5 Varieties of Acana Singles Range Dog Food