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Cesar Dog Food Review (2023)


Cesar Dog Food Review

Cesar Dog Food has a variety of dry foods, wet foods, and treats. Targeted at smaller breeds of dogs, the pet food brand has gourmet flavors like filet mignon and Porterhouse steak. One of the best-selling flavors in the dry food range is the Pot Roast with Garden Vegetables. 

Cesar’s mission is to provide nutritious and good quality food that every dog will love. The company claims that the foods are delicious for dogs and provides them with a well-balanced diet. With real meats, a variety of vegetables, and carefully prepared tastes, Cesar Dog Food will soon become your little pet’s favorite meal.

Cesar Company Overview

The Cesar Canine Cuisine brand is owned by Mars Inc. Mars is the well-known food company that makes candy bars. Cesar Dog Food is headquartered in Franklin, TN. The pet food is manufactured in several facilities all over the United States, Canada, and all over Europe. 

The brand logo is an adorable West Highland White Terrier, also known as a Westie. For all their cute looks and small size, Westies are actually hunting dogs and quite strong. The Westie logo of Cesar Dog Food is symbolic of their target audience of small dog owners. However, Cesar Dog Food can also be consumed by medium and larger sized breeds.

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to the flavors available in the Cesar Dog Food range. With flavors of every type of edible meat combined with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome ingredients, Cesar Dog Food has an interesting selection.

Different sources have given Caser Dog Food vastly different ratings, ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 stars. It is possible that the ratings of the dog food could have dropped in more recent years due to a recall in October 2016. The recall was because of reports of bits of plastic found in the food. The product that was recalled was the Cesar Classics Filet Mignon wet dog food. 

Ingredients Found in Cesar Dog Food

The main ingredients in Cesar Dog Food are:

  • Beef
  • Duck
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Egg
  • Veal
  • Honey
  • Peanut butter
  • Animal liver
  • Meat by-products
  • Poultry by-products
  • Carrageenan
  • Artificial coloring
  • Sodium nitrite
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals

There are some controversial ingredients in Cesar Dog Food that could also account for its drop in ratings. Meat and poultry by-products, though good sources of protein, are unidentified meats. It is harder to pinpoint food allergies if a pet is on a mixed animal protein diet.

Other ingredients causing concern are the artificial coloring, carrageenan, and sodium nitrite. None of these ingredients add any nutritional benefit to the dog food. Sodium nitrite has also been linked to cancer. Cesar Dog Food has its niche customer base, but if you plan on buying any of the products, read the labels carefully so that you know exactly what you are getting.

Cesar Dog Food Product Line

Cesar comes in a wide-variety of wet dog food formulas. Be sure to read the ingredient list. Unspecified meat sources is found in a variety of Cesar products.

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