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Purina Dog Chow Review (2024)


Purina Dog Chow Review

The Purina Chow dog food range of products is the oldest dog food brand under the Purina umbrella. The product range comprises of specially created kibble. The Purina Chow dog food range of wet dog food and dry dog food formula seeks to provide complete and total nutrition to dogs of all ages.

Purina Dog Chow Company Overview

Purina Dog Chow is a dog food brand that belongs to Switzerland-headquartered, multi-million dollar conglomerate Nestle. The brand initially belonged to Ralston-Purina, a USA-based animal feed company that opened its doors in 1894. The company started out making animal feed for a number of animal species like horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, and monkeys. Now it focuses almost exclusively on feed for cats and dogs.

Ingredients Found in Purina Dog Chow 

  • DHA
  • Chicken
  • Soybean
  • Meat and bone meal
  • Brewers rice
  • Beef oil
  • Garlic oil
  • Vitamin & mineral supplements

The Purina Dog Chow range of dry and wet dog food is for puppies, active adults, and senior dogs with health ailments. Each product is altered and customized based on the canine target group it’s meant for. Chow texture, kibble sizes, and the overall nutrition quotient are changed to accommodate the dietary and metabolic requirements of dogs of different breeds and ages.

Purina Dog Chow is Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)-approved and meets the quality, taste, and safety profiles set by the regulating authorities. Although there were a few product recalls for Purina’s other brands, the Purina Dog Chow has been praised by veterinarians and pet owners alike for the complete nutrition profile they offer. 

Purina Dog Chow Dog Food Product Line

Purina Dog Chow has a variety of dry dog foods available online.

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